Sunday, 4 October 2009

Weekly News for October 4th

Welcome to the fourth edition of #gta02-core-news, for October 4, 2009.

Last week news

As you might have noticed, I have not posted any news entry last week. There was so little done and so few messages exchanged on the mailing list I decided to wait for another week to post.

ECN progress

Dave closed some of the pending ECN for EMI filters, SPI degugging and Telit integration. He also noticed some others are still not closed, despite their changes appear on the schematics already. Most of them only need small updates, except for the mistery caps for the GPS RF. Rene gave some ideas, but I have not had the time to properly analyse the problem. Maybe this week. Rask also updated some ECN with new test points.

Backup battery - to be or not to be ?

Rask did us some update regarding the removal of backup battery. There is no conclusion yet about this matter, so unless someone comes up with a good reason to change it, it will be kept as-is.

USP SMT line

Werner posted some more pics of the SMT line at University of São Paulo, Brasil. Very well documented, with references to the individual machines. Definitely worth a look.

Quotes of the Week

(...) I'll be quite busy carting equipment around and doing a gazillion of little administrative things. (The logistics of making phones are ridiculously easy in comparison ;-)
Werner Almesberger

I can most certainly help out with any kernel related issues, and even do some minor board modifications after the fact.
Christopher Friedt

I don't think we've had problems with undefined state on power up. If we manage to power up at all, we can (and do) load our own settings anyway.
Rask Ingemann Lambertsen

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  1. I know, but there has been few project developments lately (except for this week). Expect an update soon.